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Our Story & Leadership

Our President and CEO, Joshua Flint, is an experienced Security Executive and Investigator with over a decade of experience in the public and private sector. After working as the ‘fixer’ for many organizations, Joshua opened Empire Strategic Services in 2019 to bridge the gap between the traditional security and public safety organizations, and real world threats. Empire Strategic Services is a Protection Consultancy, focusing on direct threats to organizations, building whole organization resilience, and issues affecting businesses and people such as organized crime and gang activity.

Fun Fact: Joshua is currently writing his first book, Lawless, which details steps businesses can take to reduce and eradicate criminal activity affecting their organizations. 

Joshua’s past experience includes serving in multiple executive level security management roles, securing Ultra High Net Worth (UNHW) developments, working UHNW protection detail, and working gang eradication for a billion dollar entertainment enterprise. He has participated in multiple Public-Private Partnerships, fostering collaborative relationships between local communities, private security, and law enforcement. Prior to these recent roles, Joshua proudly served his community as a Community Corrections Corporal and Field Training Officer, served in Elected Office on the Board of Directors for the Fraternal Order of Police, and still maintains active membership in the Fraternal Order of Police to this day. He has interned in the Governor’s Office, and is a two-time recipient of the highest Civilian award available in the Commonwealth of Kentucky – the Kentucky Colonel Award, awarded to those in exemplary service to others.  Joshua holds a Bachelor of Science in Strategic Security & Protection Management, is a certified Personal Protection Specialist (PPS) and has completed extensive training and received certifications in various strategic security concepts, interviewing and interrogation, and advanced behavioral analysis.  

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