At Empire Strategic Services, our methodologies are the distinguishing hallmark of our success.  


Every client deserves to feel like they’re the “only client,” and our partnerships are built by taking the time to get a full understanding of each client organization, its culture and preferences, risk tolerances, and details of its specific lines of business. Client-specific strategy and Empire’s 5-part Methodology enable your organization to:

  • Reduce its exposure to adverse activity 
  • Improve your organizational wellbeing 
  • Enables your team for future resilience 


Planning Phase

In the beginning, our executives will reach out to the organization and work to determine the needs for our multi-disciplinary approach.  We will determine what aspects of your needs are related to Security, what aspects are related to Intelligence, and what aspects are related to Crisis Mitigation, and if anything should be handled by one of our executives directly. 


Collection Phase

Once our executives have an initial inventory of what the issues facing your organization are, intelligence will be generated and collected from the client and elsewhere, to develop a full and succinct picture of the scope of the issue.   


Analysis Phase

The intelligence collected will be analyzed in detail, and a plan of action will be developed and put in place.  Our team’s most knowledgeable assets will be assigned to handle your case based on the previously identified needs. 


Action Phase

At this point in time, the Action Plan is put into place and executed.  


Finally, the Follow-Up Phase

Our team is committed to checking in once a quarter, for one calendar year from the date of full implementation of the Action Plan, to ensure that client organizations are satisfied with the results and mitigation factors we’ve put in place.  We believe that the only way to ensure that we complete our mission of improving your business, is if we’re committed to you.   

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