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Based on years of experience in the field, we have developed custom frameworks and solutions for the most commonly found issues related to personal or organizational security. Maintaining a vast network of specialist partners, vendors and providers, we never fail to meet the needs of a client. Custom and innovative solutions to not-so-common problems is what we do. Realize the future you want, and we will help you obtain it. Risk doesnt define you, and you can own it now.

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"Joshua put into action a plan and in a few months was resolving remedial issues, and solving many critical challenges for our facility. He brought credibility to our facility and held everything in strict compliance, demonstrating his leadership and management qualities."
director of security
"These guys are the real deal... I will highly recommend them in all circumstances. Thank you for a job well done. Overall, 10 out of 10 and if I could go higher I would."
Chief Executive Officer
"...We highly recommend Empire for help bridging the gap between the private sector and law enforcement."
regional manager
"Josh is a steadfast professional. A progressive thinker, his concepts aren't as much "ahead of their time" as some would dismiss them as, but rather innovative and trailblazing. As a client he will provide all within his power to service... Two thumbs way up!"
Public Safety manager
"... He was very responsive and upfront with explaining the process. He was in contact with me every step of the way. He even did stuff on his personal time for me to help me out. Would definitely hire him again!"
private client
"Josh was extremely thorough and helpful. He helped me learn how to potentially deal with some stuff on my own, and was very kind. Thank you again, your help completely changed my life."
entertainment industry professional

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