Securing Our Future

Why Us

We are Strategic Security and Protection Consultants. Our solutions bridge the gap between the traditional functions of security and public safety, and real world threats. We’re focused on: direct threats to organizations; building and enabling ‘whole organization’ resilience; and showing business & security leaders how to mitigate criminal activity. 


How We Work


Planning Phase


Collection Phase


Analysis Phase


Action Phase


Follow Up

Our methodology is based on an investigative and problem-solving pathway that is successfully and widely used in the intelligence and law enforcement communities.  It is a five-part process that we believe leads to long-lasting results and client satisfaction.  


What People Say

"Joshua put into action a plan and in a few months was resolving remedial issues, and solving many critical challenges for our facility. He brought credibility to our facility and held everything in strict compliance, demonstrating his leadership and management qualities."
director of security

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